qudan クダン

This is my blank

Teaser Movie

TAPES / テープス

Simple & minimal, beautiful puzzle

“TAPES” is a puzzle game with a beautiful and minimal.
Stretched out the tape, let's fill all the squares on the screen.
Create a feeling of calm equilibrium, It is such a game.

Malcro’s Transfer / マルクロの移動


Casual 1tap Action!

Tap when the bridges are combined from start to goal! And move Malcro who is mysterious creature.
Easy playing by a single finger. The important is just timing.
Can you move all Malcro?

CUMULATER / キュムレイター

It is a simple but little bit difficult puzzle action game!

Run to the rocket by building up the blocks! There are 80 stages in all. Let's compete for a high score!